اهلا و سهلا بكم فى منتداكم بلبل اوروبا
يشرفنا ان ندعوكم للانضمام لاسرة المنتدى
كاعضاء او مشرفين على اى قسم يعجبكم
لتحميل كافة البرامج و الافلام لتنفع اخواننا واخواتنا
من جميع انحاء الوطن العربى
فان اردتم التسجيل فاهلا و سهلا بكم
وان ابيتم فيا مرحبا

و السلام علىكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

ادارة المنتدى


CyberDefender Early Detection Center

المدير العام
المدير العام

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تقييم بالنقاط : 4608
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hey click here CyberDefender Early Detection Center

Messaggio Da bolbol

CyberDefender Early Detection Center

CyberDefender Early Detection Center 3.0 helps keep your PC secure with robust antivirus and antispyware protection. Now with Dual-Core Anti-malware Technology, EDC 3.0 catches more viruses, spyware, and other threats than previous versions. EDC 3.0 takes every new file and runs it through two distinct scanning engines. If either engine finds dangerous files or processes, the file is intercepted and removed--or "quarantined"--so that it can't harm the user's PC. EDC 3.0 has recently received West Coast Labs Checkmark certification. CyberDefender's Argus Network is collaborative Internet security network. Based on patent-pending technology, Argus Network uses a secure peer to peer protocol to update computer users against a multitude of threats. Recent tests show that Argus Network 3.0 blocked 10 times the number of phishing attacks against home PCs versus the previous 2.0 version, as well as demonstrating increased malware search capabilities.

What's new in this version: Version 3.0 includes Dual-Core Anti-malware Technology to provide advanced detection and protection; new Link Patrol browser plug-in that protects you against phishing scams and malware Downloads; new custom settings that give you options to customize scheduled scan times, choose what PC areas to include or skip in scans; and additional enhancements.

by bolbol europa


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